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The only conference to focus directly on building fast, reliable wireless networks that are at the heart of driving change in modern ports

About the Conference

Wireless Communications in Ports - Now fully Online
This year’s Wireless Networks in Ports Conference will be virtual. The entire proceedings broadcast online and fully interactive – utilising proven technology to provide as near an in-person experience as possible.
Speakers, panelists and attendees from around the world will be able to meet each other, question the presenters and exchange ideas via individual video chats as well as in group sessions.

PortComms is not a giant, sprawling expo with swathes of online attendees flashing past your screen. Instead, it is a unique get-together of the main customers and leading suppliers in this exclusive, complex, fast-moving market.

Now rescheduled for the 16th of October the Wireless Communications in Ports Conference will feature real-world experiences from leading Port Operators and Authorities across the world who have been immediately involved in the complexities of specifying and setting up their port’s wireless networks and trials. As with BWCS’ successful TrainComms conference we have focused primarily on getting the Port Operators to tell their stories and outline their plans for the future.

Major New Conference

For the first time, this conference will draw together all parties involved in this dynamic sector. It will focus on actual case studies from port companies and operators who will discuss the problems they have encountered as they have started to implement continuous wireless network connectivity across their often complex campuses.
Join the debate, question those involved and find out the issues faced by those who have launched services and discuss where they will take them next. This is your chance to meet the people who are shaping this market, who are driving it forward and bringing in new services, ideas and technologies.

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We have also greatly reduced the entrance fee!

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The Conference has attracted port operators and suppliers from all over the world. Those attending will hear directly from the companies that are launching wireless networks and adding new cost-cutting solutions.

BWCS has worked with all the major players in this new market to make Port Communications Systems 2020 a success. The Conference will feature a combination of interactive workshops, panel sessions, presentations and networking sessions exploring the commercial and technical issues arising from the deployment of wireless networks in ports around the world – all available without the need to set foot outside your door.

Despite being online, the Conference will provide a great networking opportunity. All sponsorship positions have been snapped up and many of the available spaces are now filled. For further information on getting involved please contact:

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Conference feedback

"It’s amazing how the BWCS team manages to gather a large number of representatives from industry, operators and government institutions which are highly specialized in communications and WiFi services. It was a great opportunity to meet the right people and make fruitful connections. I highly recommend it"

Javier Santos, International Business Director, Inster

"This is simply the most important annual event for wireless communications on passenger rail. Meet your peers, share ideas, learn best practices. Unmissable!"

Jim Baker, CEO, Xentrans Inc.

"The WiFi on Trains Conference was an excellent opportunity to hear the trials and tribulations many rail companies have found in trying to improve mobile communications for passengers, and to learn the lessons from these experiences. I also found the speed-dating session valuable in building my network of contacts across the industry."

Gavin James, Project Sponsor, Digital Railways, UK Department for Transport

"Train Communications is one must-attend event on my schedule of rail conferences in Europe. I look forward to this annual event, which provides me with a wealth of information about developments in technologies, the latest innovations, and new services."

Lesley Brown, journalist, EURAILmag

"Putting WiFi on trains is hard enough but thankfully the annual BWCS Train Communications is there as the world's clearing-house for this very issue. It is a 'must do' for any manager or train operator working in this space."

Jim Allison, Manager of Planning, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

"Traincomms is the key forum for an annual pulse check on the fast moving developments in the connected train sector."

Peter Kingsland, Sales Director, Icomera UK

"The Train Communications Systems Conferences put together by BWCS have become the de facto standard for transit authorities to learn about the current state of communications to moving trains and which vendors have solutions to meet their needs - whether consumer, operational, or security related... There is no better place to learn and understand where the industry is and where it is going to be in the future."

Cooper Lee, WiFiRail, USA

"I have attended a number of events organised by BWCS. What impressed me was the availability of a very highly skilled team of industry experts with them. The team's wide range of experience and profound wireless industry knowledge have been instrumental in helping us in framing specifications for providing Wireless broadband services on our trains, an essential social ingredient of life in India. The events organized by them have been of high technical standard, focus is always on services & products and not on companies, allowing us to choose the best option."

Anshul Gupta, Executive Director, RailTel, Ministry of Railways, India

"BWCS WiFi on Trains Conferences were very interesting and very useful indeed. The event gathered many customers and suppliers from around the world. I was impressed by the quality of the presentations allowing fruitful exchanges on the future of wireless service and your excellent organisation. I highly recommend joining these conferences."

Petr Kolar, Systems Specialist, Czech Railways

"The essential meeting place for all the players for Internet & Multimedia on train solutions."

Jean-Francois de Lantsheere, Deputy Managing Director, 21Net

"Train Communications is one must-attend event on my schedule of rail conferences in Europe. I look forward to this annual event, which provides me with a wealth of information about developments in technologies, the latest innovations, and new services. In addition, I always come away having gained insight into where the market is heading and what's coming next. The presentations are fresh; the speakers inspired; discussions spontaneous. The organisation by Graham, Ross, and the rest of the BWCS team, is top rate too. What's not to like?"

Lesley Brown, journalist, EURAILmag

Conference Programme

Session One – New Wireless Networks for Ports

8.00 Networking – meet fellow attendees, speakers and panellists via individual video chats

9.15 Opening Speech - BWCS

9.20 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme

Ian Smith, Programme Director for the UK Government’s 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme

09.50 BYOSpectrum – Democratising 4G & 5G networks for Ports & Enterprises:

- What are the use-cases & motivations for private cellular networks?
- How are localised spectrum allocations being made available for ports?
- What is needed to build a private 4G or 5G networks?
- Can traditional mobile operators compete by offering a 5G “network slice”?

Dean Bubley, CEO and Founder Disruptive Analysis

10.20 Enabling 100% Port-Wide Connectivity: Kinetic Mesh Networking for Manned or Unmanned Vehicles 

Chris Mason, Rajant Corporation

10.50 Networking

11.15 Port Communication Problems and Overcoming Them with a Private LTE Wireless Network

Port-Wireless Case Study - Port of Kokkola

Jyrki Roukala, Development Manager, Port of Kokkola

11.40 Networking

10.45 Advanced Connectivity with Private LTE and 5G at Algeciras Brainport – Towards Algeciras Next Generation Port

  • Why LTE
  • Building and specifying a new wireless network
  • Improving operational coordination, protection and port control on the ground

Francisco J. de los Santos Ramos, Head of Technology, Port Authority of Algeciras

11.40 Networking

11.50 Demonstrating the Feasibility and Value of 5G Network Slicing in the Port of Hamburg

This talk will explore 5G network slicing as another option for private wireless networks in port environments. It will discuss 5G network slicing from the viewpoints of:

  • Technology readiness
  • Commercial readiness and business drivers
  • Key findings from Real Wireless’ work under the 5G-MoNArch project at the Port of Hamburg will be used to demonstrate the real benefits and challenges of 5G network slicing in real deployments

Julie Bradford, Real Wireless and Cambridge Wireless Virtual Networks Special Interest Group Champion

12.15 Panel Session: What do Port Authorities Want from Wireless Networks – and What is the Best Way to Deliver It?

Featuring: Chris Mason, Rajant, Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis, Francisco J. de los Santos Ramos, Head of Technology, Port Authority of Algeciras, Jyrki Roukala, Development Manager, Port of Kokkola. Chaired by Chris Lewis, LewisInsight

12.45 Networking

Session 2: Emerging New Trends in the Port Communications Market

2.00 Deploying a Private Network at a UK Port to Enable the Growth of Secure Digitisation

Deploying a private network for a large-scale UK container port
The ways private networks are enabling operational efficiencies and greater security

Steve Wylie, UK Broadband and Karen Poulter, Head of Information Systems at Hutchison Ports UK

2.30 - Connectivity for Reliable, Mission-Critical OT in Ports: Solutions and Success Stories

Giacomo Luce, Fluidmesh and Jesmond Baldacchino, Head of IT at Malta Freeport

3.00 Networking

3.15 Innovating PCS in the 5G Era: Integrated Logistics and Cooperative ITS in Livorno

Paolo Pagano, Director of CNIT / Port of Livorno Joint Laboratory

3.45 Extending Private LTE to Drive Automation and Intelligence at the Port of Rotterdam

Tadhg Kenny, Senior Vice President Business Development, Druid Software

4.15 Dedicated Connectivity for Ports - the Challenges, the Opportunity and How Connectivity Enables Innovation at the Port of Zeebrugge

Port of Zeebrugge and Citymesh

4.45 Panel Session: What Will be the Future Methods of Delivering Wireless Access Across Ports?

Featuring: Paolo Pagano Director of CNIT / Livorno Port Authority Lab Facilities, Giacomo Luce, Fluidmesh, Tadhg Kenny, Druid Software, Joeri Tranchet, Citymesh, Chris Mason, Rajant, Maziar Nekovee, VP at Networld 2020 European Technology Platform. Chaired by Maziar Nekovee.

5.15 Closing Remarks, BWCS

5.30 Networking and Drinks